Mr. Manjunath Onarotti

“3 years of College Life is stepping stone to build your professional career in right direction. During my
journey in CBALC I was lucky to get good guidance from my Faculty and Friends. I’m proud to say that
CBALC has helped me to make my foundation strong by improving overall skill development.”

Mr. Vishwanath Shiriyappanavar

“CBALC definitely changed my life. The faculty and the overall atmosphere were very inspiring. It played
a very important role in harnessing my skills to become a leader and a smart manager. The exposure
that we get is very diverse and one surely gets to reinvent themselves. CBALC helped me find my passion
and the right direction for my professional career”.

Mr. Anudeep Shetty

“It was a great learning experience at CBALC. Presentation which seemed unnecessary has built a
confidence in facing the corporate real world. Any Negative comments back then feels a good advice
now. Scolding pushed us for a better today. CBALC has given a lot of memories to cherish”.

Mr. Sandeep Hongalmath

“CBALC was a great learning curve at the right time. The college was a great mix of education sports and
life skills which were extremely important at that age. The college provides a lot of exposure which is
critical for a management graduates. The three years I spent here were truly the best part of my
journey. I have also seen some really good talents come out of the Institute who have excelled in the
corporate world”.

Mr. Vikram Kademani

The journey at CBALC has been a roller coaster ride where you have so much to do in such a short time. Be it academics, event participation/organising, extra/co-curriculars batch meets, late-nigh submissions you feel like giving 100% and implement your learning. The atmosphere is so energetic that you not only
gain practical knowledge but also end up making friends who become more than a family; the best
Institute & best part of my life.

Mr. Nagavinay Budagiri

“My experience with CBALC is possibly the most admirable moment of my life. Being part of CBALC made my life easy. Staff and Teachers helped me not only with my studies but also my social life. Though I pursued CA after BBA, the experience I gained in CBALC has helped me in my career in more ways than one”.

Squadron Leader Roopashri Sarabad (Retd.)

“I am proud to have spent my most valuable and moldable years of graduation in my alma-mater CBALC, wherein not just studies but human values were imparted to us. Back in those days of no internet, it meant a lot in shaping our fundamentals. Emphasis on sustainable growth was part of the curriculum which helped in building our personalities”.

Praveen S Musandi

“There are very few institutes which epitomize forward thinking, developing practical skills, nurturing leadership qualities and providing the platform to excel in your academic journey. I personally rate very high CBALC in this regard. It has the right ingredients of great faculty, fabulous infrastructure and most importantly the orientation towards practicality or real world. In short, this institute is a passport to your successful journey”.

Mr. Vinay Patil

“The 3 years that I spent at KLE CBALC gave me the right start to the journey of my professional career. Well rounded curriculum, great academics and exposure to various extra-curricular activities contributed in honing my management skills in the formative years”.

Mr. Mahesh Kudtarkar

“I am privileged to be associated with this Institute as student of the first batch. I really enjoyed every moment there, from studies to Industrial visits and events to assignments. It improved my leadership and inter-personal skills. CBALC has given me much more than just a degree. I was shaped, molded and crafted in the journey of three years. I would attribute much of my success in the MBA program and professional life to the solid foundation I received at CBALC”.