Mr. Naman Jain

“The academic experience at CBALC has helped me to pursue a lifelong career excellence. Learning
through various programmes and courses with the guidance of experienced faculties surely provides an
industry interfaced learning. CBALC focuses on overall development of the student and encourages
everyone to apply the classroom learning in real life through events, fests, CBL etc. CBALC gives a great
opportunity to broaden our knowledge base”

Mr. Arbaz Jamadar

“Studying in CBALC gave me the number of opportunities to develop my Academic knowledge and to
develop my personality as a whole, helped me to develop my practical knowledge and gave me the edge
to stand out from the crowd, CBALC is more than a college, it’s a place ‘Where the magic happens’.
CBALC made me believe the sky is never the limit it’s beyond that”.

Mr. Arungouda Patil

“BBA at CBALC has shaped me for life. The curriculum, practical assignments, projects & internships are
thoughtfully designed and updated regularly. Well experienced faculties are more like mentors for the
students. Tons of Inter-college and Intra-college competitions make it a fun learning experience. It was
my privilege to be associated with this esteemed institution. “

Mr. Atif Beerwala

“From an adamant young blood teenager to a focused multitasking professional who can stand tall in
this cut throat competitive world, my alma mater KLE CBALC has been instrumental in bringing out the
best in me.”

Miss. Aishwarya Taukari

“CBALC as an institution has had an integral role to play in my current formative years. Studying here
made me realize that I could be anything I wanted and go anywhere I liked. Most importantly, the
college accepts students from all walks of life, therefore having a diverse peer environment gives you
the confidence to work with teams across the board which is a great advantage, when one starts

Miss. Shivani Shinde

CBALC as an institute gives tremendous priority to learning practically. Whether it’s the in-house events,
the year-long CBL, the participation in Management fests all over the state and outside, the cultural
activities, the placement preparation or even subject based assignments; everything is approached on a
real-time workable basis. I can credit CBALC for various values that I picked up; teamwork, hands on
approach, effective communication and persistence are few among the others.

Mr. Sanket Jadhav

“Industry relevant and comprehensive curriculum backed by astonishing infrastructure, studying in
CBALC gave me a lead with a lifelong career excellence. From the very supporting faculties to excellent
pedagogy, all helped me enhance my skills to the optimum. My education at CBALC was an experience
for lifetime and will stay with me forever”.

Mr. Sushant Patil

“A great deal of what I am today came from my time at CBALC. The institute is full of learning
opportunities, here you’ll find capable professors, amazing tech facilities and if you’re lucky enough
some truly great friendships.”

Flt Lt Rishineet Singh Thakur

“CBALC to me is a synonym for Opportunities, you are bound to have ample opportunity to prove
yourself. The institution has kept abreast with the simple emerging trends and encourages us to have a
steep learning curve. My tenure at CBALC has been a turning point in shaping my career”.

Miss. Vibha Gaonkar

“CBALC is a hidden gem of management colleges. This gem sets your foundation to be successful in the
business world. The college instilled in me a wealth of knowledge, improved my communication skills,
and taught me how to be a leader in three years. I applied my CBALC teachings during my MBA, my
second master’s at Georgetown University, and my workplace. The college transformed my life”.