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SEASON IV (2013-14)

    1 Jan, 2014,

CBL Season IV started with the following 13 teams in the inaugural season and was conducted
for the academic year 2013-14 for two semesters.

Events and activities conducted during CBL season IV during the academic year 2013-14 are:

  • CBL Auction – 30th July 2013
  • CBL Launch – Launch of CBL Season 4 was held at Central Hall on 24th August 2013.
  • Ice Breaker Event
  • Quiz Round
  • Monopoly Game
  • CBL Survivor
  • Show me the Money (Good News Bad News)
  • Sports Event
  • Ad-Mad Show
  • Mock Stock


After aggregating all the scores of all the rounds conducted during the season, the prizes for CBL
season IV were given during the Annual Day function of the college, “Anusmaran 2014”.

  • Team “Team Aficionados” won the General Championship
  • CBL Best Player of the season was awarded to Ms. Shivani Shinde
  • CBL Best Emerging Player was awarded to Ms. Aishwarya Taukari