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SEASON II (2011-12)

    1 Jan, 2011,

In Season II three new teams were added namely Team Mighty Avengers, Team Crusaders and
Team Mavericks making the total teams to 12.

Events and activities conducted during CBL season II during the academic year 2011-12 for
duration of one year:

  • CBL Auction and Bidding Session
  • CBL Launch of Season 2 was held on 27th August, 2011
  • Ice Breaker Event
  • Case Analysis and Ad-Mad Show
  • Debate
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports And Games
  • Quiz
  • Concept and Issue Presentation
  • Ad Mad
  • Survivor


After aggregating all the scores of all the rounds conducted the prizes for CBL season II were
given during the Annual Day function of the college, “Anusmaran”.

  • Team “Fiery Fighters” won the General Championship
  • CBL Best Player of the season was awarded to Mr. Varun Naik
  • CBL Best Emerging Player was awarded to. Ms. Priyanka Jadhav