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Safety & Hygiene campaign “Suraksha” at Nandana Makkala Dhama – 2023

    25 Jun, 2023,

KLE CBALC LEAD CELL conducted Safety & Hygiene campaign “Suraksha” at Nandana Makkala Dhama, an institution that is awarded by the Department of Women and Child Development, for their contribution towards the child welfare activities. The institution is working for the overall development of children by involving them in sports, Yoga and educational tours, etc.

The students of KLE Society’s CBALC. Ms.Shravya A, Ms. Nishmita D, Ms.Snehal P, Ms. Swati B, Ms.Smriti A, Mr. Adarsh M and Mr. Parshwa C educated the orphan children about health and hygiene on 25th June 2023.This campaign sensitised the students on good and bad touch. Special Lady representatives of the Suraksha campaign conducted a separate programme for girls from the age group of 10 – 15 yrs about menstrual health and hygiene. The children were involved through question & answers in the session with the student representatives.