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Supply Chain and Logistics Management

SCM specialization is for students with interest in supply chain activities to include transportation and logistics, warehousing, distribution, purchasing/procurement, and inventory management.


Careers: Procurement Manager, Demand Planning Analyst, Distribution Centre (DC) Supervisor, Logistics Software Manager, Materials Manager, Purchasing Manager, Supply Chain Consultant,Vendor Managed Inventory Coordinator.


Elective Subjects:

Elective – I: Supply Chain Management Elective – IV : Store Keeping & Warehousing
Elective – II: Purchase & Inventory Management Elective – V: Marketing Channel Design & Distribution Planning
Elective – III : Logistics Management Elective – VI: Third Party Logistics


Sl.No Supply Chain Management Certifications
1 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
2 Analytics for Supply Chain Management
3 Introduction to Global Supply Chain Networks
4 SAP in Warehouse Management