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Financial Services

Financial Services specialization develops the expertise to manage successfully in contemporary financial Institutions such as banks, insurance companies and wealth management firms.


Careers:Investment Advisors, Fund Managers, Personal Financial Advisor, Financial Manager, Cost Analyst, Bank Manager, Insurance Advisors.


Elective Subjects:

Elective – I : Depository Operations Elective – IV: Banking Services
Elective – II: Life Insurance Elective – V : General Insurance
Elective – III: Mutual Funds - I Elective – VI : Mutual Funds - II


Sl.No Financial Service Certifications
1 NCFM Commercial Banking in India : A Beginner's Module
2 NCFM Banking Sector Module
3 NISM Series VI: Depository Operations Certification Examination
4 NISM Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination
5 NISM-Series-V-C: Mutual Fund Distributors (Level 2) Certification Examination+
6 IRDA’s Life Insurance
7 IRDA’s General Insurance