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The Course

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) is a three year degree course spread over six semesters and is affiliated to Rani Channamma University, Belagavi.

Eligibility for Admission

Minimum of 35% in 10+2 (Science/ Commerce/ Arts/ Diploma)

Course Structure

  • Each semester is of 16 weeks
  • The course is offered in Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for 136 credits. There are 20 Core Subjects, 10 Elective Subjects, 8 Ability Enhancement subjects spread across the semesters.
  • The students can opt for Elective Subjects in the final year in one of the following areas – Financial Services, Financial Markets, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Supply Chain & Logistics and Business Analytics.
  • Every Elective Area provides six subjects to study and two Internship projects to undertake in the Final year.

Course Evaluation

The subject with 2 Credits is evaluated for 50 Marks and 4 Credits is evaluated for 100 Marks.

The Marks Allocation of 4 Credits Subjects (100)

  • 70 Marks – End Semester (Final Exam) Assessment
  • 30 Marks – Internal Assessment

The Marks Allocation of 2 Credits Subjects (50)

  • 35 Marks – End Semester (Final Exam) Assessment
  • 15 Marks – Internal Assessment

Minimum percentage for passing

40% for each subject including End Semester Examination and Internal Marks.


With the basic purpose of not only communicating the course design to students, the syllabus at CBALC also focuses on helping students assess their readiness for the course by identifying prerequisite areas of knowledge and managing their learning by identifying resources.

Keeping in view the dynamic nature of the industry we at CBALC revise the syllabus and pedagogy to meet the industry requirements and make students ready to face challenges in their further life.

The syllabus at our institute is updated regularly with the feedback of industry, alumni and academic experts.

BBA I Year

I Semester II Semester
Corporate India – I Corporate India – II
Business Communication – I Business Communication – II
Business Communication – I (Practical) Business Communication – II (Practical)
Business Awareness – I Business Awareness – II
Personality Development and Life Skills – I Personality Development and Life Skills – II
IT for Management - I IT for Management - II
IT for Management – I (Practical) IT for Management – II (Practical)
Introduction to Management Financial Accounting


III Semester IV Semester
Principles of Marketing Digital Marketing
Financial Management Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour Entrepreneurship Development
Managerial Economics Indian Business Environment
Quantitative Techniques Production & Operations Management
Business Laws Professional Aptitude & Logical Reasoning
Basic English Basic English

BBA Final Year

V Semester VI Semester
Business Research Methods International Business Management
Business Taxation Strategic Management
Indian Constitution Human Rights & Environmental Studies
Elective – I Elective – IV
Elective – II Elective – V
Elective – III Elective – VI

Financial Services – Elective Subjects

Elective – I : Depository Operations Elective – IV: Banking Services
Elective – II: Life Insurance Elective – V : General Insurance
Elective – III: Mutual Funds - I Elective – VI : Mutual Funds - II

Financial Markets– Elective Subjects

Elective – I: Depository Operations Elective – IV: Security Analysis
Elective – II: Equity Derivatives Elective – V: Commodities Markets
Elective – III : Securities Markets Elective – VI: Currency Derivative

Digital Marketing– Elective Subjects

Elective – I : Social Media Marketing Elective – IV : Online Reputation Management
Elective – II: SEO & SEM Elective – V: Website and Inbound Marketing
Elective – III : Content Marketing Elective – VI : Affiliate Marketing

Event Management– Elective Subjects

Elective – I: Event Planning Budgeting & Sponsorship Elective – IV: Event Design Technology & Logistics
Elective – II : Event Team & Crew Management Elective – V : Law Governing Event Business
Elective – III : Event Marketing & Advetising Elective – VI : Special Events

Supply Chain & Logistics– Elective Subjects

Elective – I: Supply Chain Management Elective – IV : Store Keeping & Warehousing
Elective – II: Purchase & Inventory Management Elective – V: Marketing Channel Design Distribution & Logistics
Elective – III : Logistics Management Elective – VI: Third Party Logistics

International Business– Elective Subjects

Elective – I: International Marketing Management Elective – IV : International Trade Operations & Export Import Documentation
Elective – II: International Finance Management Elective – V: International Strategy & Contract Management
Elective – III : International Economics Elective – VI: International Trade Logistics

Retailing– Elective Subjects

Elective – I : Retail Store Management Elective – IV: Category Management
Elective – II: Merchandise Management Elective – V : Retail Store Operations, Layout & Design
Elective – III: Retail Sales & Customer Service Elective – VI: Retail Supply Chain Management

Business Analytics– Elective Subjects

Elective – I : Business Statistics Elective – IV: Financial Analytics
Elective – II: Business Analytics using R Elective – V: Web data Extraction & Analytics using R
Elective – III: Marketing Analytics Elective – VI: Advanced Business Analytics using R

Super Specialization